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Banking Solution Providers: Are You Tired of Tire Kickers? 

Are you a tech company serving BaaS banks or helping institutions use technology to transform their organization? Are you tired of tire kickers?

Financial institutions don’t mean to move slowly; they just have a lot of risk to manage. Fintech and embedded banking are new. We’re helping solve your challenges in working with banks and credit unions by helping with their challenges. 

Our members and listeners prioritize strategic initiatives that overlap with your products and services. They’re investing in membership with us to learn how to manage risk while navigating innovation. 

Let banks and credit unions see you investing in their education and in supporting them with answers. Reap the rewards in trust and a growing prospect base.

What do you get with your membership? 

  • Join quarterly membership meetings
  • Exclusive access to Peer Chat Group + provide expertise in chat channels when bankers ask questions
  • Placement in Our Partner Guide for BaaS and Fintech-Focused Banks
  • Pitch Education/Webinars for Institutions (No extra cost.)
  • Utilize Fintech Firsthand’s specialized content and promotional services 
  • Join us on the podcast to accelerate content creation and reach with BaaS and fintech institutions

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