Konrad Alt

Co-Founder at Klaros Group

Konrad Alt is a Co-Founder and Partner at Klaros Group. He and his colleagues advise banks and fintechs on complex management, regulatory, risk, compliance, and board governance matters.

Before Klaros, he served as Chief Banking Officer of the Green Dot Corporation and Vice-Chairman of the Green Dot Bank board of directors. At Green Dot, he was instrumental in designing the regulatory framework for one of the largest banking-as-a-service partner banks in the US, overseeing major programs for companies such as Walmart, Apple, Uber, Intuit, and others.

As founder and leader of Promontory Financial Group’s San Francisco office from 2004-2015 and Promontory’s COO from 2014-2016, Konrad built a major enforcement action compliance practice, helping the boards and senior executives of financial institutions, including some of the world’s largest, identify and resolve issues of concern to their regulators.