Erik Skovgard

Fintech Firsthand CEO

Erik Skovgard is a former bank CEO who led Lincoln Saving Bank from a rural Iowa community bank to a national leader in fintech and BaaS, helping to launch Square, Acorns, and other prominent fintechs.

During his 28-year career at LSB and eight years as President and CEO, the bank grew from $70M to $1.8B in assets, from four locations to 19, and from 1,500 customers to 3 million. He also led the LSB team in rapid growth, the development of culture, expanding regulatory oversight, acquisitions, and de novo expansion.

Now, as Fintech Firsthand’s CEO, Erik helps financial institution executives with embedded finance, fintech, and banking-as-a-service initiatives by connecting them with other banking executives’ firsthand experience through our peer group meetings, education, and content.