Fintech & BaaS Peer Group

Join a Peer Group of BaaS and Fintech-Focused Institutions

Technology offers financial institutions incredible opportunities to innovate and grow. But, how can executives ensure they avoid the pitfalls that come with charting new territory? 

The ability to turn to peers for their advice and experience is invaluable to navigating innovation. Avoiding negative attention from regulators can save millions of dollars. And finding new ways to serve customers well can make millions. Don’t build a network; join an established one that will help you prevent regulatory scrutiny and attain growth. 

What do you get with your membership? 

  • Monthly meetings with fellow BaaS Bankers
  • Exclusive access to Peer Chat Group
  • Placement in Our Partner Guide for Fintechs
  • Access Fellow Bankers’ Experience with Vendors
  • Education for Staff
  • Obtain Expertise from Solution Providers without Sales Pressure
  • Join us on the podcast to accelerate content creation to market your bank as a BaaS bank

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2024 Membership: $6,000

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