About Us

Fintech Firsthand is the first-ever peer group for bankers led by a seasoned BaaS banker and community bank CEO, Erik Skovgard.

We believe the future of community financial institutions lies in the combination of innovation, community values, and safety and soundness – three elements not easily obtained together. Bankers can navigate all three, though, by reducing unknown unknowns for their operations. The firsthand experience of peers, as well as the expertise of solution providers, provide indispensable knowledge in growing or launching a BaaS division.

Building a network of peers, providers, and fintechs takes a lot of time, but you need access to the expertise of fellow banking executives today. Don’t build a network, join an established one – one led by bankers who’ve helped launch well-known fintechs like Square, Acorns, and others.

Peer group meetings with fellow pioneers, as well as our articles and podcasts, cut through the fluff, get you up to speed, connect you with peers, and bring you those hard-to-get stories to provide BaaS services safely.

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Our Team

Erik Skovgard

fintech firsthand CEO

Matthew Doffing

Fintech Firsthand President